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"Barbara Gordon is, well… she kind of saved herself"

Skyfall by Adelle inspired sentences!
" Where you go, I go."
"What you see, I see."
"Let the sky fall!"
"When it crumbles."
"We will stand tall!"
"We'll face it all together!"
"This is the end."
"Hold your breath, and count to ten."
"Can you feel it? The earth moving?"
"Hear my heart burst again."
"This is the end.."
"I've dreamt of this moment."
"I'm stolen.."
"I've been swept away.."
"Face the dark together!"
"This is where we start"
"This is where worlds collide."
"You can take my name, but you'll never have my heart!"
"I'm nothing without the security."
"Hold my hand.."
" Your arms keep me from harm."
"Put your hand in my hand!"

So I know I owe like a million things but I’m going to post a few memes.

Now that the week’s out I am hoping to have the evening to relax and the morning to get back on the horse and hit those replies.


I just found out my baby Ted Kord is returning to continuity (as himself this time!) after ten years dead so everyone have some donuts to celebrate! (And some (canon!) chub because I know that’s what y’all really want.) 

Blue Beetle loves you!

images from DC Legacies and the JLU comics